[[IncomingHam Excuse me... Coming through here... IT IS TIME FOR MY INTRODUCTION!]]

Hello Hello, Tropers! Considering not many people know that much about me around here, I might as well introduce m'self properly.

I'm... Me. People around me would agree that I'm somewhat [[LargeHam larger than life in both speech]] [[MilkingTheGiantCow and gestures]], can give [[CloudCuckooLander quite a strange]] [[AxCrazy and unstable]] impression on people, have NoSenseOfPersonalSpace whatsoever, [[PungeonMaster makes]] [[IncrediblyLamePun lame puns]] at every possible moment, and [[EverythingIsAnInstrument can play pretty many instruments - some of them things most people wouldn't even think of as instruments before.]]

I write songs and compose video-game music - going under the alias "The Art" - which is partly a way of stating that I see music as... [[MadArtist well, art]] - and partly a StealthPun about me having the name of Simon. Which would make me SimonAndGarfunkel all by myself!