Hi. I've been troping for a while now, but I've just decided to make a troper page. So, here goes.

I'm 17 and living in the UK, in a county that is very musical, but kind of backwards in terms of technology (in other words, very little changes where I live) in a hamlet which basically has a pub and that's it.

I'm shy in public, but can talk for a while when I get round to it. Great love of acting, singing, reading and classic dancing, with many dabbles in writing novellas. Recently became a Large Ham for his role in Godspell, in part due to this wiki.

My hobbies are...varied. 40k, climbing, sailing, writing (as I've said above), acting (as I've said above) and singing ([[RuleOfThree as I've said above]] and below) and, when I can get round to it, cooking (although mostly just meat dishes). Sense of humour needs a lot of work, but I'm getting there. Keen folk singer, but also happy to sing anything else with reasonable warning.

[[strike: Recently realised his asexuality, but, as I've mentioned on the same troper tales page, I have a joke that sums me up in that respect: I do have a sex drive, it is just set too low to be notice by humans (this doesn't make me attracted to animals, for those of you who squicked at that joke. I just meant that I've never had a date or even been complemented).]] No longer true: I'm straight, I just wasn't confident enough in myself to realise it.

Asthmatic, with a ridiculously fatal allergy to nuts. So, if you see a guy laying on the ground, wearing a black coat, a black navy-style hat, jeans or combats and a very boney structure, it is probably me.

I think that's everything I can say for now...

...oh, didn't mention that I'm studying Law, English Litrature [[strike:and Maths]] for A-levels. Just don't ask me about my ICT lessons...