[[caption-width-right:400: You have no idea.]]

Why hello there. I am called Spark2, because "spark" is easy to type and "Spark" was already taken. I'm a ChaoticGood WeirdnessMagnet, who has a somewhat skewed outlook on life becuase of all of the weird things that have happened to me. Not bad, not good, but... weird. Also, I have a very hard time spelling Weird. Wierd. Whatever.

!Tropes that apply to me:

* BrilliantButLazy: It's worked out okay so far. (See below)
* CaliforniaUniversity: UC Berkeley, to be precise.
* ChaoticGood: Generally a good person, but if you piss me off or if you seem like a fun person to piss of or if I'm just bored, look out.
* RuleOfFun: My guiding principle.
* WeirdnessMagnet

!Favorite Pages/ Works:

* BackToTheFuture
* {{Firefly}}
* HarryPotter
* {{House}}
* {{Suits}}

!Vandalisms go here:

There is no vandalism. I shall fix that. ~ {{@/Thiefoftime}}