Sonica is an [[LandDownunder Australian]] citizen, despite being Chinese, which may or may not apply to {{Acceptable Targets}}, living in the capital. Of course, people tends to focus on Sydney over Canberra in tourism, but we're greener!

Her hobbies include {{Manga}}, {{Anime}}, {{Video Game}}s (particularly {{Eastern RPG}}s, but also enjoy other genres), reading actual books, drawing and writing [[FanFic fanfiction]].

Currently have dreams of being an author of a fictional book series or two, which may or may not include demons, magic and humanity being persistant. Ideally, anyway.

As of this moment in time, Sonica have currently created the following pages:
* LuminousArc2
* LuminousArc3

Can be found occasionally adding and editing entries on TVTropes, as well as the odd posts in the forums.
Let it be know that {{Taco}} was the first one to vandalize your troper page. I can therefore only conclude that you're new to the wiki, since if you've been on for more than thirty seconds someone like you would get ''hundreds'' of accolades!!
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