!!The Earthshakers


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* BandOfBrothers: All six are loyal soldiers of Team Midnight with many years of service to their names.
* ColorCodedCharacters: Byron = silver, Roark = brown, Cynthia = [[PurpleIsPowerful purple]], Riley = dark blue, Gardenia = green, Nando = [[SicklyGreenGlow bright green.]]
* CompetitiveBalance: Rather unlike most Midnight units, who prefer to focus on only one battle style.
** Byron and Roark directly oppose each other, playing a StoneWall and GlassCannon respectively.
** Like Roark, Riley's main focus is on offense. Being a FragileSpeedster, though, he can dish out the pain faster, but doesn't hit quite as hard.
** Meanwhile, Cynthia has offenses to match both the latter two and can tank hits like nobody's business, marking her as a LightningBruiser.
** Nando's evolutionary path saw him progress from a near-useless JokeCharacter, to a StoneWall in his tier-2 cocoon stage, to a FragileSpeedster and finally to a JackOfAllStats at the zenith of his tier-3.
** Rounding out the roster, Gardenia plays the team's CombatMedic, but can step up to be a MightyGlacier when her battling skills are needed.
* FiveManBand
** TheHero: Roark
** TheLancer: Riley
** TheBigGuy: Cynthia
** TheSmartGuy / TheHeart: Nando
** TheChick: Gardenia
** TheObiWan / MissionControl: Byron
* LittleBitBeastly: Like all Rune Warriors/Mages/other guardians of Yggdrasil (better known as the Tree of Beginning), their transformed states have them take on physical features of the Pokémon type their powers are affiliated with. This transformation is actually required for them to enter Yggdrasil, since it registers pure humans as "infections" (and subsequently tries to kill them).
* OddFriendship: Some of their personalities clash so badly it's hard to imagine how they came to be friends in the first place.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: An overenthusiastic coal miner and his fossil-loving son, a shy musician, a fun-loving gardener, a [[LonelyRichKid rich boy]] with mysterious psychic powers, and an aspiring League Champion. TheyFightCrime!
* TrueCompanions: 20+ years of laughs, fights, and battling at each other's side have made them as close as family.

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