An early 20'ish guy who works and then spends time surfing the web and coming here to be an unofficial part of the forum welcoming commitee.I always welcome last,cause I'm late like that.From Minnesota,and like everyone else here,complains about the states unwavering commitment to make the weather as odd as possible.¬
Describe Here¬
*[[{{Nerd}} White and Nerdy]] -This seems almost uneeded.¬
*{{Geek}} -Why else would I be here?¬
*{{Chaotic Evil}} -A test on {{Facebook}} said it.I blame the question that had a [[{{KillItWithFire}} Flamethrowing]] tank as an answer.¬
*{{Evil Laugh}} -Perfected to the point of scaring people.¬
*{{Affably Evil}} -Depending on what the co-workers say at the moment.¬
*{{Evil Overlord}} -Why not?¬
*{{Slasher Smile}} -To go with the laugh.¬
*{{Harmless Villain}} -What'd you expect after all the Evil stuff [[{{Canada Eh}} eh]] ?¬
*{{Spelling Nazi}} -Despite my own suffering somewhat.¬
*{{Crack Is Cheaper}} -My toy and movie collecting hobbies.¬
*{{Animal Motifs}} -Scorpions baby.You find them,you usually find me.¬
*{{Numerological Motif}} -Always 13.¬
*{{Cluster F Bomb}} -A habit I gotta break.¬
*{{The Nicknamer}} -Faces are easier then names sometimes.¬
Can usually be found lurking in the {{Military And Warfare Tropes}} and {{Speculative Fiction Tropes}} due to being an aspiring writer of the Military Sci-Fi and Fantasy Warfare stories.Found lots of great webcomics due to this site,and tons of new movies and books to put on the watchlist and want to watch/read list.¬
Movies that Surprised Me-¬
*{{Mutant Chronicles}} -Others may [[{{Your Mileage May Vary}} hate]] it,but it did indeed strike me as pretty decent.¬
*{{Dragonball Evolution}} -Not half bad,considering my normal dislike of DB in general.¬
Um,yeah,I'll get more here.[[{{OrIsIt}} Maybe]].¬
Current Likes-In no particular order.¬
*{{Gangs of New York}} -All time favorite movie.¬
*{{Head Trip}} -Waiting on Shinga at the moment.¬
*{{Legostar Galactica}} -Funny as hell.¬
*{{Eureka}} -Mostly for Deputy Lopez.Nummy.¬
*{{Star Wars}} -This needs an explanation?¬
*{{Transformers}} - {{Beast Wars}} and [[{{Transformers Animated}} Animated]] in particular.This should be at the top of the list however,I collect the toys too.¬
*{{Bruno The Bandit}} -Despite current {{Author Tract}},still good shit.¬
*{{Dune}} -One of my first sci-fi's.¬
*{{Deathstalker}} -Mostly cause it's so absuard.¬
*{{Firefly}} - {{Space Western}} at it's most awsome.¬
*{{Pulp Fiction}} -It's got [[{{Samuel L Jackson}} Sam J]] in it.¬
*{{Up}} -Seriously,that movie was fucking awsome.As are most of the {{Pixar}} films.¬
*{{Overlord}} - [[{{Evil Laugh}} Hehehe]]¬
*{{Elder Scrolls}} :Oblivion-Go [[{{Lizard Folk}} Argonians]] !¬
*{{Halo}} 3-Though I suck at it.Stickies for the win!¬
*Lil'Formers -Despite the authors Geewunish attitude.¬
*{{Reign of Fire}} -It's got dragons in it.Do I need anything else?¬
*{{Doom}} -Mostly the movie,I suck major ass at the game.¬
*{{Wheel of Time}} -um....been a while,but maybe I'll like it.¬
*{{Surveillance}} -Terrifyingly mind fucking movie.¬
*{{Looking For Group}} -Otherwise known as Richard gleefully kills things.¬
*{{Order Of The Stick}} -Mostly for Belkar.¬
*{{Snatch}} -Despite the name,it isn't about what you think it is about.Or else it is.¬
*{{Fable}} -Being good makes being evil so much easier.¬
*{{Red Vs Blue}} -Hells yeah.¬
*{{Avatar}} -It was an awsome and gorgeous movie.¬
*{{Desert Punk}} -The anime,though I do see and read quite a bit of it.¬
*[[{{ASongOfIceAndFire}} The Hound and Tyrone]] -Self Explanatory¬
*{{Assassin's Creed}} -I thought one blade was cool,then two came along.¬
*{{Mass Effect}}¬
*{{Inheritance Cycle}} -Okay,book ones a {{Guilty Pleasure}} ,the rest,no.Just No.¬
*{{Sword Of Truth}} -Kinda fell on the bandwagon with this one...¬
*{{Dragon Ball Z}} -Only so much [[{{Defeat Means Friendship}} constant beatings]] I can take.¬
*{{Robert Stanek}} -Hack.Deritive hack at that.¬
More to come as I think of them.Below this,others can write in whatever the hell they want.¬