[[SilentHunterSeries If you want the sub games, this way...]] If not, read on...¬
Silent Hunter is a British citizen. He is just an ordinary person who likes TV and can spot many tropes a mile off, thanks to this wiki. He's been around since the Tropes page was a single index, about late 2004.¬
He admits to 'winging it', writing entries on shows he has little experience of watching.¬
He likes to write fiction in his spare time and admits to unintentionally using several tropes catalogued here. He is currently working on a screenplay.¬
He is a Splitter in the Lumper v. Splitter debate.¬
His contributions include (in many cases he started the entry and let others work their Wiki Magic):¬
* AnonymousRinger¬
* ''TheATeam''¬
* BigSleep¬
* ''TheBill''¬
* BizarreAndImprobableBallistics¬
* BritishAccents¬
* DangerousWorkplace¬
* EveryoneLooksSexierIfFrench¬
* FacingTheBulletsOneLiner¬
* FakeGunshot¬
* FakingTheDead¬
* FiveRoundsRapid¬
* ''GrangeHill''¬
* ''HaveIGotNewsForYou''¬
* HumanAliens¬
* HurricaneOfEuphemisms¬
* ImmuneToBullets¬
* {{Lzherusskie}} (aka FakeRussian- redirect added after complaints)¬
* ''MockTheWeek''¬
* OutpostGallifrey¬
* ShowerOfLove¬
* SpySatellites¬
* StockBritishPhrases¬
* ''TakeshisCastle''¬
* TheBlofeldPloy¬
* TropesExaminedByTheMythbusters¬
* TwoPersonPoolParty¬
And many, many more.¬
His favourite shows are:¬
* ''24''¬
* ''CSI''¬
* ''DoctorWho'' (for the record, his favourite companion is Romana II)¬
He has a keen interest in the Cold War and the former Soviet Union. His feelings towards Russia are very much "Я люблю Россию, но я не выношу их правительство" ("I love Russia, I just can't stand their government", thanks to GrammarNazi for the translation).¬
His current big project is a play-by-post RPG for AJJEGames entitled ''Covert-81'', a spy drama set in TheEighties with better "accents" and "stock footage".¬
His {{YKTTW}}s are always UpForGrabs.¬