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Discovered this site via StumbleUpon, finding MagikarpPower and instantly became ensorcelled by the magic and mystery this site contains. Is addicted and edits while at work.

Most common examples provided on trope pages:
* ''BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', and anything else JossWhedon related. The pickings have been made slim, especially since Buffy applies to like everything ever.
* MarvelComics or DCComics. See above.
* DungeonsAndDragons, more than a hobby, now a lifestyle. Was it even a hobby in the first place?
* ''TheOffice''. The American one. Not as big a fan of the British one as being a fan of the American one would make you believe.
* ''DormLife''. So rad, dude.
* ''DragonBall''.
* ''DoctorWho''. Wow, come to think of it, a lot of these are already really picked dry.
* ''HomestarRunner''. Still funny, dammit.

Eagerly awaiting your thoughts.