[=SoCal=] resident with no life ever since this site was discovered. Kids, TV Tropes are bad, m'kay?¬
Trying to fight back 25 years of typo-nitpicking tendencies. Will not rest until every trope has a {{webcomic}} example.¬
Wrote up the following [[strike:atrocities]] articles:¬
* ''JoanOfArcadia''¬
* ''{{NCIS}}''¬
* ''[[PlanescapeTorment Planescape: Torment]]''¬
* ''{{Taltos}}''¬
* BigNameFan¬
* CainAndAbel (concept by an unknown troper, title by {{Adam850}})¬
* TheChessmaster (title by {{Ununnilium}})¬
* DividedStatesOfAmerica (title by {{Colin}})¬
* EverythingSensor (concept by {{Fencedude}}, title by {{Sniffnoy}})¬
* HaveYouToldAnyoneElse¬
* IronicEcho¬
* KillSat (title by {{Adam850}})¬
* LeeroyJenkins¬
* LegoGenetics (concept by an unknown troper, title by {{Madacaek}})¬
* NoEndorHolocaust (concept by an unknown troper)¬
* NotTheFallThatKillsYou (concept by TravisWells, title by AlexandraErin)¬
* PositiveDiscrimination¬
* RaceAgainstTheClock (concept by {{Keith}}, title by JonnyD)¬
* RuleOfFunny¬
* SwirlyEnergyThingy (concept by {{Tangent128}}, title by {{Ununnilium}})¬
* TheUnfairSex (concept by an unknown troper)¬
* VillainWithGoodPublicity¬
* WhereItAllBegan (title by an unknown troper)¬
And responsible for the titles for InternetBackdraft, SomeoneHasToDoIt, and SuicidalGotcha.¬