Mexican [[strike:31]] 35 yo troper. Happily married for 9 years and many more to count from here.

Mostly a lurker on the fora, known for Non Sequiturs [[strike: and that everybody asks "Set ''who''?" when they see him around]].

Name suggester in the translation effort. Not much of a translator

* Music making
* Videogames and videogame development
* Software Development
* Reading
* Drawing
* Sculping

!!Favorite Videogames:
* Dwarf Fortress
* {{Castlevania}}
* HalfLife
* Left4Dead
* DevilMayCry
* The {{Metroid}} series
* Rhythm Games
** {{DDR}}
** DJMax

!!Favorite Books
* Harry Potter
* LotR
* Anything from John Grisham
* {{Discworld}}
* {{Dragonlance}}
* CaballoDeTroya

!!Spanish Trope Name suggested:
* {{Es/DejenseDeJuegos}}
* {{ES/Zape}}
* {{ES/QueSeMueranLosFeos}}
* {{ES/NiSeMolestaron}}

!!Tropes that apply to Set (WikiMagic, Go!)
* InstantExpert
** MasterOfNone
* DoggedNiceGuy
* HappilyMarried
* {{Lurker}}
** Far too often! %%OuttaTheBLAM
* NiceGuy %%OuttaTheBLAM
* PrettyCoolGuy %%OuttaTheBLAM
* ThatOneGuy

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