Serenity Squid (also known as Tropers/DoctorSerenitySquid) is a [[MostTropersAreYoungNerds geeky]], [[TheKlutz accident prone]], [[HairTriggerTemper somewhat irritable]] [[CanadaEh Canadian]] with a [[SpotOfTea tea addiction]] and an unfortunate tendency to lapse into BuffySpeak. She likes [[AirportFantasy cheesy fantasy novels]], Creator/MelBrooks' movies, and anything that involves [[{{Superhero}} people with godlike powers beating the crap out of each other while wearing spandex costumes]]. [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotDidactic When she isn't writing long-winded essays about the political subtext in silly children's cartoons]], Serenity Squid lurks this wiki [[GrammarNazi correcting grammatical errors]] and adding [[ConspiracyTheorist her various weird theories]] to the WildMassGuessing pages. She is an unashamed SerialTweaker.

Now for the biography crap: [[BlatantLies Serenity Squid was born in the year 1742 to Anarchy Squid (a mutant cockroach) and Calamity Squid (a lawyer). In 1758, the Squid family immigrated from their homeland (the lost continent Atlantis) to the country that is currently known as Canada (back then it was called New Belgium). In 1760, the Squid family was burnt at the stake because that was what Canadians did to cockroaches and lawyers in those days. In 1994, Serenity Squid was resurrected by a group of illiterate teenagers who thought the inscription on her tombstone said "Guy Fawkes". She spent the next six years catching up on all the stuff she'd missed while she was dead. In 2000, Serenity Squid became a masked vigilante and dedicated herself to keeping the world safe from terrorists, vampires, and leprechauns]].

[[SugarWiki/TvTropesWillEnhanceYourLife TV Tropes enhanced her life]].



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