{{Selasphorus}} (meaning "light-bearing") is a genus of hummingbirds that includes the Rufous, Allen's, Scintillant, Volcano, Broad-tailed, and Glow-throated Hummingbirds. It's also the handle of this editor, a 25-year-old female who hails from Northern California and listens to a lot of music. She has not created any page on her own, but she does hover around the Wiki like her namesake, darting in to offer a few edits here and there and dashing back out again if startled. After losing too much of her time and life to this Wiki and encouraged by the (anti)notability standards, she has decided to take a more active role. Bit by bit. Her favorite article is MisplacedWildlife, which is the article that spurred her to create an account, and also the article she rescued first from the Great Crash.¬
A fan of (and likely to add examples relating to):¬
* IronMan (2008 movie)¬
* FinalFantasyVI¬
* Things involving birds and the biology thereof (see: MisplacedWildlife)¬
* MusicTropes¬
* Def Leppard (yes, most of those examples are likely to be thanks to her...most, at least)¬
A recommended recipe to attract Selasphorus and other hummingbirds to your feeder is a simple mixture of four parts water, one part sugar. No artificial coloring required. ¬