Describe {{SGYDK}} here.

Really? well, okay..

SGYDK is short for Some Guy You Dont Know. [[EightBitTheater He]] [[CaveStory likes]] [[ScottPilgrim many]] [[MythBusters different]] [[SisterClaire things]] [[KingOfFighters that]] [[WallE he]] [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann cant]] [[DigimonAdventure02 be]] [[TheyMightBeGiants bothered]] [[MegaMan to]] [[TheWorldEndsWithYou list]] [[TheColbertReport right]] [[BlackHeaven now]][[ILied .]] He also lives in Kentucky and wishes he didn't. Canada has always sounded like a good choice for later. Lastly, he's terrible at describing things. That's probably why this page is so empty-looking.

He also has [[ a really bad]] [[SpriteComic sprite comic]] that really shouldn't be getting linked to, but is anyway.

!!This troper contains examples of:
* BerserkButton: See NeverHeardThatOneBefore
* HypeAversion: Main reason I've never played OcarinaOfTime and barely gotten that far in FinalFantasyVII is this. Though I love MajorasMask and FinalFantasyVIII. Also NeonGenesisEvangelion. Should be pointed out that I'm planning to getting around to all three of these eventually.
* NeverHeardThatOneBefore: Quoting videos aboot fingers and unicorns went from "a little funny" to "annoying" to [[BerserkButton "Rage-inducing"]] over the span of... two days at best.
* RetroGaming: I play lots of more recent games, but many of my favorites came out on the SegaGenesis and NintendoEntertainmentSystem.
* {{Vaporware}}: A story I've been planning to write for almost a year now. So far nothing's came of it outside of a (not very good) halloween {{Omake}}.