[[TroperTales/BavarianFireDrill I LOVE PRINGLES]]

I didn't fall for it, I just thought it would be funny.

I'm a VigilanteTaxonomist and proud of it.

I'm a member of FORKS, TONGS, and WHISK.

I'm interested in foreign languages, 3D, IMAX, VHS, Blu-ray, and PBS. I'm also an unrepentant Europhile and have several British and other European films on videocassette and videodisc (and even go to the theatre to catch a British or European film every now and then). I consider Creator/QuentinTarantino, Creator/{{Toei}}, Creator/SergioLeone, Creator/LucioFulci, Creator/ChristopherNolan, Creator/GeorgeLucas, Creator/MichaelCimino, Creator/FrancisFordCoppola, Creator/RogerCorman, Creator/GenUrobuchi, Creator/SergioCorbucci, Creator/FrankMiller, Creator/AlanMoore, and Creator/WaltDisney to be my major influences as a creator.

If I was a Series/DoctorWho character, I'd probably be the [[ChristopherEccleston Ninth Doctor]], and not just because [[HellBentForLeather I went as him]] to a 3D screening of ''Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor'' at my local theatre.

On a DarkerAndEdgier note, I suffer from not only WhiteGuilt but also AttentionDeficitCreatorDisorder.

On a LighterAndSofter note, I have a [[RealMenWearPink pink]] ''Anime/CuteyHoney'' [[RealMenWearPink lunchbox]] that came with a DVD of the 2004 LiveActionAdaptation.