Contributer hailing from {{Norway}}; amateur author, animator and comic artist. Occasionally dabbles in [[ fanfiction]], most notably the GenderFlip Franchise/HarryPotter story ''Fanfic/WeasleyGirl'', which now has its own trope page. Also working on the fantasy setting for ''[[Webcomic/{{VanadysTalesOfAFallenGoddess}} Vanadys: Tales Of A Fallen Goddess]].''

Can be directly blamed for the existence of these pages:

* Literature/TheAlchemastersApprentice
* Literature/BillibubBaddings
* Franchise/CaptainSabertooth
* Literature/TheEmpressSword
* Series/EscapeOfTheArtfulDodger
* Literature/KarlssonOnTheRoof
* WesternAnimation/KittyIsNotACat
* Series/{{KYTV}}
* Radio/TheMastersonInheritance
* Literature/MrsPepperpot
* Discworld/TheShepherdsCrown
* Literature/PlayingForKeeps
* ComicBook/{{Valhalla}}
* Literature/TheWindOnTheMoon
* The [[Characters/DisneyMouseAndDuckComics Character Page]] for the combined ComicBook/DisneyMouseAndDuckComics page (i.e. for characters that are part of the franchise but don't belong primarily on the [[ComicBook/DisneyDucksComicUniverse Duck]] or [[ComicBook/MickeyMouseComicUniverse Mouse]] side).

Not to be confused with Roo from the ClanOfTheGrayWolf, much less with Roo from the WinnieThePooh franchise.

* Excellent contributor to many a [[ScroogeMcDuckUniverse Duck]]-[[DonaldDuck related]] page, far more elocuent than that hack writer, {{Tropers/Richie}}. ''Message written by that awesome dude, {{Tropers/Richie}}.''
* Can I confuse you with [[FinalFantasyIX Fossil Roo]]? Unlikely, considering [[ThatOneLevel that level's reputation]]. - @/AmusedTroperGuy
** Since I don't really play videogames and have no clue about, or interest in, FinalFantasy... I have no idea whether to be flattered or insulted here. - @/{{Roo}}