Robin Wolfe's a published writer of adult fiction. (She writes {{PlotWithPorn}}, usually along the lines of {{EvilIsSexy}}.) Since she's also lazy, she's just going to repost her official bio:

Robin is a late-twenties femme who is fascinated by the human animal and lives to write. She taught herself to read at age four, started writing fiction at age six, and never looked back. A large library of self-authored short stories accumulated throughout her adolescence, but she burned them all on a backyard pyre when she was nineteen. The only existing sample of her adolescent writing can be found in a vampire zine that she once published and sold in local record stores.

Robin has held a wide variety of jobs, but the one that most shaped her writing style was the time she spent as a phone sex supervisor. Her main responsibility was to listen in on thousands of various calls. This was a fascinating experience that gave her a much deeper understanding of sexual desire and the wide variety of fetishes that turn people on. With that background, it was natural that she’d begin writing contemporary erotica that is often both dark and perverse – but not always!

These days Robin can be found juggling the demands of everyday life with writing, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She shares her life with her partner, their two sons, a cat, and a pug.