This is the person responsible for the [[WMG/TheDailyShow WMG]] on ''TheDailyShow'' which manages to involve ghosts, robots and cannibalism [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot all at once]]. But it makes ''so much sense''! (There's actually a whole lot more to it than that, and it's just turned out StephenColbert [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory is probably Jesus]]. Watch this space.)

She also wrote up the '[[WMG/TheColbertReport Stephen is a Time Lord]]' theory, but is ''definitely'' not the first one to say it. ...Er, and [[WMG/StrangersWithCandy this]] is her fault too. But come on, it's obvious!


[[{{Discworld}} Inhumes]] spelling errors [[GrammarNazi with extreme prejudice]], and migrates things to TroperTales whenever it seems appropriate. If she's editing a page, odds are it contains a spelling mistake, is somehow relevant to StephenColbert, or has a title with a missing apostrophe in it. Then again, ''everything'' [[EntryPimp is somehow relevant to Stephen Colbert]].

Very opinionated about a lot of things (including [[FOXNewsChannel this]], [[KeithOlbermann this]], [[GenderAndSexualityTropes this]], [[BritishFootyTeams this]] and [[StephenColbert this]]). Good at picking fights, [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement but trying not to]].


Now also likely to be sighted on BenedictCumberbatch-related pages, especially ''{{Sherlock}}'' and ''CabinPressure''.


She is the only one left who remembers ''RogerAndTheRottentrolls''. [[MemeticMutation And that's terrible.]]