Hello there! Welcome to my page!

I am a male Troper who resides in Wales. I was born in 1996 (the year of the Rat) and as an Aquarius.
Cis-Bi Ottery Guy. I like to hike, game, watch movies, read, camp and chill.

Pretty open to conversation. Ever want to strike up a convo then drop me a message!

Favourite stuff and things


* {{William Gibson}}

* Max Brooks

* {{Stephen King}}

* {{Hunter S Thompson}}

* {{William S Burroughs}}

* {{Cormac McCarthy}}

* {{David Lynch}}


* Burning Chrome by {{William Gibson}}

* {{Cell}} by {{Stephen King}}

* {{World War Z}} and {{The Zombie Survival Guide}}) by Max Brooks

* {{The Road}} by {{Cormac McCarthy}}

* {{Roadside Picnic}} by The Strugatsky Brothers

* The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

* Our Final Century by Martin Rees

* {{Metro 2033}} by Dmitry Glukhovsky