I'm currently hooked on Game/{{Baroque}}...

[[FailureIsTheOnlyOption DAMNIT I LOST AGAIN]]

* ObfuscatingStupidity
* IHaveManyNames
* [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Spell My Name With Several L's]]
* YouMakeMeSic
* {{Emoticon}}
* CollectibleCardGame
* BlindWithoutEm
* BadassLongcoat
* NiceHat
* {{OTP}} Nitori Kawashiro x Teto Kasane (disregarding the lack of sense in that)

I'm a 17 year old male who will be Fourteen on August 28th this year. Yes, that was a joke. I've been told by people that I'm way more mature than I should be, and I've been told by people that I act like a four year old. I suppose it depends, really. I get obsessed easily and I forget my obsessions easily, but I can assure you when I'm obsessed with something it will be all I talk about for months at a time. Things I love/have loved recently:

* Game/{{Baroque}}
* LuckyStar
* [[JoJosBizarreAdventure JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]]
* {{Touhou}} (Specifically MoF and UFO)
* EtrianOdyssey
* FullMetalAlchemist
* MiraiNikki
* {{Kirby}}
* {{Megaman}} (Specifically Zero and ZX)
* Vocaloids and UTAUs
* [[LetsPlay Let's Plays]]
* [[{{Pokemon}} Pokémon]]