A dude who consider himself a champion of all things regarding reading... as long as they confide themself to the [[TelevisionSerial Televison Media]], who is what he is spending most of his time lately. When he isn't watching TV he is found reading [[ExpandedUniverse The New Jedi Order]] wich isn't much of a proof for the opposite. He is currently busy irritating [[OldGuardVersusNewBlood The Old Guard]] with his beginner misstakes. Wish him luck!

Is currently spending his hard earned cash on Classic DoctorWho discs and awwing at the Awesomness. He is also reading HouseOfLeaves in an attemt to reclaim his title. It is kickass. Read it, and awe in fear. Then finish it and claim Badassness!

Oh, just as a warning: Ingmar Bergman weren't badass becauss he was a Swede, he was a badass the rest of us tries to figure out. Swedish movies SUCK! (Except "Smala Sussie" (Slim Sussie) and "Tomten är far till alla barnen" (Santa-Clause is father to all the children) wich is awesome in a "What the hell was that"-kind of way.