Wow, my very own troper page. Where to begin?¬
Let's start with the boring stuff and hope you all leave before I have to actually do any work.¬
I'm a guy.¬
I lives in Ume√•, in nortern Sweden.¬
Currently twenty... Umm.. Four? ...Yeah that sounds about right. Twenty four years old. I stopped caring somewhere around 16 to 17, so now every time someone asks me, I have to stop and count.¬
In fact, let's just do it like this:¬
I was born in late April, 1985. Now you can do the math instead of asking me.¬
I accidently stumbled here by some strange twist of fate, and now I just can't leave. I don't know if it's the humor, the casual, laid back information, the subliminal messages or just the fact that I tend towards insomnia and need something to do that doesn't require much effort and I can't "run out of".¬
My fandoms are, in short, everything.¬
I watch movies, series, anime/cartoons*, read manga/comics*, books. (*I consider these to be the same just like a trout and an anglerfish are both fish.) I listen to a lot of music.¬
I play a LOAD of games. I play, or have at some point played, just about every kind of game you can think of. Board games, card games, console games, pc games, miniature games, roleplaying games..¬
Speaking of roleplaying games, I have roleplayed live and pen & paper. Pen & paper I have played over a dozen different game systems. Eon, Ironclaw, D&D 3rd and 4th editions (any "edition" that completely remakes the rules is a new game), Neotech, Drakar & Demoner (two vastly different editions there too), Gemini, D20 Modern, Big Eyes Small Mouth...¬
Yeah. You get the picture. Games are a huge part of my life.¬
Second place probably goes to anime. I have seen over 150 different anime. And that's only counting the ones I've finished. I've seen a little over a hundred more, but dropped them partway through for different reasons.¬
In total, I've apparently spent almost two months watching anime, and I've seen over [[Strike:nine]]three thousand episodes/movies. Not counting the times I've watched an episode or movie more than once. I say "apparently" because I'm not actually counting, I just use [[ Anime Planet]] as a checklist to keep track of what I've seen so I don't keep searching for series I've already seen. The fact that it gives such me those numbers is just pointless fun. Not to mention E-peen.¬
In fact, since I've seen [[Hentai some anime]] that doesn't show up on their list, the numbers are actually greater than that.¬
Okay... I suck at writing these kinds of things, so I usually end them with this:¬
If you want to know something that I didn't write here, just ask me. I'm not exactly paranoid about what I let out on the internet, so I will answer just about anything about myself.¬
This is all, of course, assuming that someone came here, though I was interesting enough to read about AND actually made it all the way down here to the bottom.¬
The odds of that are low.¬
And, since this is TVTropes, I will start up a list of applicable tropes. I will sort them alphabethically, except for one very obvious one that deserves the top position.¬
I'm gonna try to avoid adding things like a movie just because I've seen it, unless there is some point to actually mentioning that I've seen it.¬
Applicable Tropes:¬
* TVTropesWillRuinYourLife¬
** Seriously. If I'm making my own Troper page, that means it's already too late.¬
* WebComic¬
** I check 38 of them on a daily basis, even if all of them don't update that often. And since I always read the entire archive when I start reading a webcomic, I have spent MANY hours with this. (Yes I know many of the links don't exist, but hey. If you're that bothered by it, go there and create them. :P)¬
*** AwkwardZombie¬
*** BackwardCompatible¬
*** BuckGodot¬
*** CaptainSNES¬
*** CastleVidcons¬
*** ChugworthAcademy (Even though this one seems dead again.)¬
*** CommissionedComic¬
*** CyanideAndHappiness¬
*** DungeonsAndDenizens¬
*** GirlGenius¬
*** GoblinsLifeThroughTheirEyes¬
*** GUComics¬
*** LeastICouldDo¬
*** LookingForGroup¬
*** NerfNow¬
*** [[NodWick Nodwick]], {{PS238}} and FullFrontalNerdity. (They're all on the same website, so I'm putting them on the same entry.)¬
*** PennyArcade¬
*** EightBitTheater¬
*** OrderOfTheStick¬
*** {{PAWN}}¬
*** PVPOnline¬
*** RobAndElliot¬
*** SequentialArt¬
*** [[SinFest Sinfest]] Yes, I started by reading the entire archive, from start to finish.¬
*** SuperStupor¬
*** TheAdventuresOfWiglafAndMordred¬
*** TheChroniclesOfTheFlamingRuby¬
*** ThePerryBibleFellowship¬
*** TheVillain¬
*** ThreePanelSoul¬
*** TrueMagic¬
*** TurnSignalsOnALandRaider¬
*** [[SuperMegaTopia Supermegatopia]]¬
*** VGCats¬
*** {{XKCD}}¬
*** YetAnotherFantasyGamerComic¬
** There are also several that I used to read, but stopped reading for one reason or another.¬
*** {{Adventurers}} It's finished.¬
*** CuteWendy Finished.¬
*** DrowTales I'm waiting for the remake of early chapters to catch up completely, so I don't have to re-read it AGAIN.¬
*** ElfLife I used to read it, lost it a while, reread it, lost it again and just remembered it again.¬
*** ExploitationNow Finished.¬
*** {{Girly}} I thought this had ended, but now that I looked, it's still alive. Weird. Gotta go catch up on it again then.¬
*** HellBound Yeah, this one is dead. as in OrphanedSeries dead.¬
*** KidRadd Finished.¬
*** MacHall Finished.¬
*** [[MegaTokyo MegaTokyo]] It JumpedTheShark for me after Rodney left.¬
*** NanasEverydayLife Finished.¬
*** SecretLivesOfMobs OrphanedSeries after the site went down due to hacking.¬
*** TimeDisorder VERY OrphanedSeries. It was also very funny. :(¬
*** {{Wendy}} Finished and, apparently, removed from the internet by the author.¬
[[folder:Real Life]]¬
* CordonBleughChef¬
** I think my top three crowning achievements are, in ascending order:¬
*** Ice cream and Cheez Doodles.¬
*** Bacon and licorice sauce.¬
*** The Fred Special. Named after my friend, and co-creator of this monstrosity. The recipe is as follows. Take equal parts instant-coffee (the unboiled grains, not the actual boiled coffee) and sugar. Put in a bowl. Add water. Add orange juice. Add Strawberry lemonade. Stir slightly. Eat with a raw potato with soy sauce on and a sandwich with sausage, mustard and chili sauce on. The scariest part about it is that the leftovers from it somehow escaped on it's own. I swear. It was in the back of the fridge, I went to my parents over the weekend and when I got back the bowl it had been in was outside the fridge, and empty.¬
** No, really. I have once, accidently, summoned Cthulhu in my bathroom.¬
* NintendoEntertainmentSystem¬
** Practially my entire childhood revolved around classics such as KidIcarus, IceClimber, Mike Tyson's PunchOut and {{Metroid}}, among others.¬