This Troper has just gotten out in the world. They hate things like making short descriptions of themselves, mainly because [[FinalFantasyX2 "The hardest person to know is yourself."]] I will do it anyway, because I am up to the challenge.

PDFormat provides examples of:

* DistractedByTheSexy. Ever since this Troper saw {{Titanic}} when it came out in theaters, this trope has been a constant in their life and is only multiplied as PDFormat is a teenager.
* WritersCannotDoMath. PDFormat regularly gets high marks in most, if not, all, linguistic pursuit, in foreign and domestic tongues. But, math in nearly all of its forms is about as easy for them to understand as it is easy for them to pass a kidney stone.
* BerserkButton. Often comes in the form of people singing out of key and/or off rhythm. Also, PDFormat being read to causes many feelings of malice toward the reader. Also,
* GratuitousFrench. PDFormat's first foray into foreign language was French. As a consequence, their daily language has become a game of "Find The Cognate" and other such word/grammar games. This Troper lists their language on {{Facebook}} as "Franglais".
* GratuitousJapanese. PDFormat also takes courses in Japanese, much to the dismay of their French classmates, as they find this Troper's talents in language a nuisance.
* GrammarNazi. The source of much of the aforementioned dismay from PDFormat's classmates.
* SelfDeprication. Often much laughter on PDFormat's part comes from them contemplating their own weirdness and fallibility.
* {{Seattle}}. PDFormat's hometown, the place where they first discovered TVTropes, the city that has shaped many of their ideas on how a large amount of people should live and a terrific place to go bike-riding in the rain.

''More will be added as life continues and thoughts coalesce...''