Note: The username is supposed to be one word. The Wiki Magic makes it two.¬
25 year old customer service drone from Halifax, Nova Scotia who literally gets to say that he works with customers that are on drugs. When not trolling TVTropes, he's a semi-retired GameFAQs writer (contributor page [[ here]]) and watches more professional wrestling than would be considered sane.¬
The username is a combination of a semi-retired character from a RP-based wrestling federation and a [[FinalFantasyXII famous liar]]. Despite the name, he can be believed.¬
Among his favoured works and performers:¬
* ''{{Firefly}}''¬
* ''FinalFantasyIV'' and [[FinalFantasyVI VI]]¬
* ''HellsKitchen''¬
* ''{{MASH}}''¬
* ''{{Pokemon}}'' (games only)¬
* ''ProfessionalWrestling'': ''WWE'' and ''CHIKARA''¬
* ''[[RanmaOneHalf Ranma 1/2]]''¬
* ''WeirdAl''¬
* ''YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries''¬
!!'''This Troper''' provides examples of:¬
* {{Asexuality}}¬
* {{Bookworm}}¬
* DartboardOfHate - Was in his cube at work for a while¬
* FrenchJerk - Or so people tell him after they find out his last name¬
* HeadphonesEqualIsolation¬
* LawfulGood¬
* LonersAreFreaks¬
* NotAMorningPerson¬
* RedOniBlueOni - A classic Blue¬