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Ohnoa Bear is Oscar "O." Noah Bayer, and a guy with fairly strong views that he tries fairly hard not to impose on others in the hopes that they will do the same. He's not ''that'' new and mostly made the account for the occasional WildMassGuessing, FridgeBrilliance, and access to the forums, so he's still learning a lot of the tricks; like how when making this page he found out that if you don't put spaces in words with multiple capitalized letters it {{Wiki Magic}}s a link for you (and he just got how to pluralize them). Lurked for a long time before making his account when he realized that the forums were some of the best on the web. Has a tendency for long winded responses with hints of PurpleProse and SesquipedalianLoquaciousness.

Lives in: Atlanta, GA and bemoans its near criminal under-representation in Film and TV


* Cats, Dogs, and other sundry Cute and Manly things
* The fact that the web allows him to get eloquent with out tripping all over himself
* Discworld
* The Big Three Shonen with a preference for One Piece
* almost any film save most horror (though he won't go to the cinema to see anything that isn't action-y and interesting)
* performing and watching really good stage theatre
* hamtacular film performances with special favor for KennethBranagh's Shakespeare films.

* JerryOrbach (any man who can be [[TheFantasticks El Gallo]], [[LawAndOrder Lenny Brisco]], and [[BeautyAndTheBeast Lumiere]] is a man who deserves respect)
* TerryPratchett
* JKRowling
* AkiraToriyama
* EiichiroOda
* Tony Brown
* PatrickStewart
* AkiraKurosawa

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* NiceGuy: You're nice... and you're a guy! - @/{{kay4today}}

O Bear you are the best {{head pet}} a person could ever ask for! @/{{EHK}}

JESUS CHRIST! It's a bear, get in the car! :D ~ {{@/kay4today}}

Hi! You finally got a space for vandalism. :3 What do I say... oh, my edit lock expires soon... um, um um.. hi! *giggles and runs away* - @/{{Saiga}}

I ''still'' find Orenthal to be a better first name, Oscar-teme-uguu. ~@/WanderlustWarrior

You are my new best friend! (excluding current best friend) -@/{{ironypus}}

You have a vandalism section and I haven't even written anything here yet? [[{{Characters/Persona4}} Teddie]]! [[{{Characters/Morenatsu}} Juuichi]]! Install my Font of Evil! ~@/{{Enzeru}}

Thanks for the avatar! (We can engaging in honey-seeking adventures together, I guess?) -@/{{Autumncomet}}

Nice to see that someone will try and stop the other people on the Naruto thread from teaching me things I ''really'' don't want to know. - @/{{Keyseeker}}

'''[-Ursa. Legendio. Del Tropers! ~{{@/Chad}}-]'''

- Exits my stage, pursued by a bear (ShakeSpeare FTW!) and also, excellent page- @/{{SabrinaDiamond}}

Did you know that the brown bear is the national animal of Finland? -[[@/BestOf Betsy]]