Hey there.\\
I'm Ninety. I used to go by NLK, but I switched to a less impersonal handle.

I'm a troper from waaaay down south, specifically Chile. I got into TVTropes a couple of years ago, and as you can tell, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife I'm not the same anymore]]. This black hole of a website introduced me to webcomics, some of my favorite books and a bunch of cool people.

I'm a smartass in real life, but less so online. So, the opposite of everyone else.

Some things I like:

* Fantasy books. Anything by BrandonSanderson or JimButcher. Go read them now.
* Videogames. Action, RPG, and Action RPG. KingdomHearts, DevilMayCry, MassEffect, {{Uncharted}}, TheElderScrolls, and a whole lot of others.
* Webcomics, thanks to this site. From the more pervasive ones like QuestionableContent and SluggyFreelance, to some underrated gems like {{Paranatural}} and {{Archipelago}}, I run the gamut.
* {{Homestuck}}. It deserves a bracket of its own. Go read it now. Join the covenant.
* Dogs, my religion and long walks on the beach.
* I can't think of anything else to post.

Such a vandal, and yet no vandalism on your own page? I hardly think that's fair! :p -@/{{Anura}}

Hi Ninety! I hope I'm getting back at you for attempting to wake me up :P ~@/{{Bunnie}}