This Troper has been browsing the site for years but I've only recently made an account to participate in TheWallWillFall ARG. I come from the land of [[{{UsefulNotes/Britain}} of tea, queuing]] [[HMTheQueen and The Queen.]] I live in [[OopNorth the best part]], although the [[TalkAboutTheWeather weather]] is terrible.

I enjoy music, [[ShonenJump Shonen manga/anime]], some {{Seinen}}, [[HighFantasy fantasy]] and [[ScienceFiction sci-fi]] stories and [[WesternRPG RPGs]]. [[BritishFootyTeams Leeds United]], [[RugbyLeague Leeds Rhinos]] and [[{{Cricket}} Yorkshire]] supporter.

Bit of a GrammarNazi.


A fellow TheWallWillFall troper from the land of tea and crumpets salutes you, sir! @/{{Scarab}}

Hi there! It's The Finch, giving you a nice vandalism. PONY UP ~ApplesGalore

Puns... '''''Puns...''''' ~ Tropers/IslaKariese

You know, I was planning on vandalizing your page into existence, but I forgot about it, and now it seems I'm too late. Oh well. :) ~@/{{Sicon112}}

HELLO! We missed you! @/TheWildWestPyro