Hello, Tropers of the interwebz! To keep it short, I'm a pop-culture nerd. Actually, the index will tell you about me. Take notes, kids--there's going to be a quiz afterwards...

!! This troper provides examples of:
*{{Afraid of Blood}}
*{{Afraid of Needles}}
*{{Born in the Wrong Century}}: Decade really. By my estimates I should have been born in 1968, allowing me to live my current life in {{The Eighties}}.
*{{Brief Accent Imitation}}: Some less brief then others...
* BrilliantButLazy, well, more like smarter-ish than peers and also a RidiculousProcrastinator, but this is a trope.
*{{Captain Obvious}}: I point out obvious things. Really. [[OverlyLongGag Like you probably didn't need to know that I'm typing things about myself. For Tv Tropes. Which is on the Internet. Which you are looking at right now.]]
*{{Dandere}}: Well, at least I'm aware of it. I go between this and the above.
* DitzyGenius
*{{Elephants Child}}
* {{Lostalgia}}: See {{Born in the Wrong Century}}. [[TheBeatles Ah,]] [[JohnHughes so]] [[HitchhikersGuidetotheGalaxy many]] [[TheYoungOnes it's terribly]] [[MontyPython sad.]]
*{{Most Tropers are Young Nerds}}: Why I'm here.
*{{Not a Morning Person}}
*{{The Snark Knight}}: I pride myself on this, [[KnowNothingKnowItAll even if it's all in my head]].

!! This troper is obsessed beyond all belief with/slight EntryPimp for:
*{{Monty Python}}
*{{Harry Potter}}
*{{Doctor Who}}
*{{Roald Dahl}} books and subsequent films.
*{{Drop Dead Fred}}
*Most of the non-princess [[DisneyAnimatedCanon Disney movies]].
* LookingForAlaska
* AnAbundanceOfKatherines
* PaperTowns