Describe Tropers/{{Nemica}} here.

Well, basically, I'm an [[UsefulNotes/{{Austria}} Austrian]] troper/[[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife victim]] of TVTropes, who really is into computers/teh interwebz. Up to the point of being [[RapidFireTyping perfectly able]] to use [[OurGraphicsWillSuckInTheFuture text-based systems]], programming silly stuff in her spare time and sometimes thinking in [[PsychicStatic source code]].

I like tropes. Yeah, I do. To some extent I've even been aware of them before TVTropes. It's just the art of excessive LampshadeHanging that's new.

I also have a really vivid imagination. [[FanFic Which wants to]] [[TroperWorks get out]].

My tropes:
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Can help getting trough the world.
* DeadpanSnarker: [[SarcasmMode No, not at all. _]]
* FanGirl: Not as much as it looks like. And rather liberal too. [[HomeStuck im 0kay with a l0t 0f things]]. [[spoiler: But if you dare writing canon raping fanfiction involving [[WorldOfWarcraft Highlord Tirion Fordring]], [[TranquilFury you will face my divine wrath.]]]]
* GenreSavvy: To some extent even before TVTropes.
* GratuitousForeignLanguage:
** GratuitousItalian: Just look up 'Nemica' in an Italian dictionary.
** GratuitousEnglish: For a German native speaker, I slip into English a whole lot.
* ImagineSpot: I have like a whole database of characters and stock settings in my mind. Boredom? Choose your own mind movie.
* LetsPlay: Well, not really active any more. [[FanDumb But it's not that I]] [[DudeWheresMyRespect would want the fame anyways]].
* MissedTheBus: I'm so prone to that, it gave me the idea to bring up the trope.
* NerdsAreSexy: Why do the guys like me? IJustWantToBeNormal!
* RapidFireTyping: I can use a PC without a mouse. Oh, and watch in awe as I type in my 50-digit-password.
* {{Shipping}}: People like shipping me with my male friends. [[HomeStuck This is incredibly silly.]]
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: It's Nemica. Not Namica, Nemicia or Namicia. Or whatever you can think of.
* TheVerse: Currently I have my Storyverse (for my 200ish pages of prose crossover randomness) and my [[Game/MakerverseSaga Makerverse]] (for pretty much every game I ever started to make).
* ViewerGenderConfusion / {{Bifauxnen}}: I'm female. Not everyone seems to grasp that.
** In forums, even tought there's an f in the gender section, everyone assumes I'm a guy. Cue me using my moderative powers to change the post and add a note.
** In RealLife, this happens quite often too. [[FlatWhat What.]]

Shameless self-advertisement (aka list of stuff I threw into the internet):
* Game/MakerverseSaga
* TroperWorks/{{Deletion}}
* TroperWorks/ADeathKnightStory