And no I'm not related or is in any ways Tropers/{{Lurkerbunny}}, Tropers/GastonRabbit, Tropers/InvisibleRabbit, Tropers/SnarkyTheBunny or Tropers/{{Crazyrabbits}}. Mr. Hollow Rabbit is Mr. Hollow Rabbit, nobunny else.

I'm a Singaporean and studying here. Used to be some one else in TV Tropes, until I get sick of it and create a new account. Old shame, old shame. Now, you can find me lurking in TV Tropes trying to ruin my own life while I get important meta-stuffs like homework and projects undone. The only friend I had in here right now (under my old account) is Tropers/Kraken.

Let me tell you a bit more about myself: I hold back things a lot till the last minute...most of the time. I have a short attention span and often I killed some of my fics that are dead and never write new chapters again. Let me warn you before you come after me with a chopper. It's the stories that I think will be faithful in lives till this day.

My favourite anime and manga right now are VampireKnight (pity I'm starting to get impatient with everyone's poor communication skills. Someday PoorCommunicationKills will be hitting the main characters like an infectious virus), The Residents of Birdcage Manor (NeedsMoreLove), Akagami no Shirayukihime (Red-Haired Snow White, also NeedsMoreLove), AoNoExorcist (Yay anime!), WitchHunter, StarDriver, Ouran, or anything made by BONES. I mainly focus on Eastern [=RPGs=] for video games, especially anything coming from SquareEnix (Say hi to KingdomHearts), {{Atlus}} or the Lunar series (But only the first two. I didn't have much closeness with the others).

I have several stories currently in progress right now (will only work on them if I'm free) and I really wished that I can draw but I can't find a manga-drawing class with affordable price. Sucks to be someone living in Singapore. (Since manga classes are rare and expensive if anyone plans to attend, never mind where the classes are held.)

Yeah...I need to redo my profile...if I find some free time.

!!Favourites (In no particular order):



* AoNoExorcist
* OuranHighSchoolHostClub
* VampireKnight (Interest not as strong as in the past)
* DGrayMan (Same reason as Vampire Knight. Infrequent updates is another reason.)
* StarDriver
* {{Durarara}} (Planning to read the light novels soon)
* KaraNoKyoukai movies
* HeartcatchPrecure
* CardcaptorSakura (One of the most beloved series of my childhood. Pre-Tokyo arc in TRC.)
* MagicKnightRayearth
* {{No6}} (Until the last episode, that is.)
* {{Karneval}}
* TrinityBlood (The manga. Not so much for the anime.)

!Guilty Pleasures (Usually for SoBadItsGood sort of shows):

* {{Blood-C}} (Biggest disappointment of 2011. WHY? CLAMP? WHY??? This is supposed to be a comedy right???)
* TsubasaReservoirChronicle (Hence the mess post-Tokyo arc. Seeing the first signs of downfall in supporting CLAMP from there onwards.)
* UtaNoPrinceSama (I have no idea why I began watched this.)
* StarrySky (Ditto.)
* YuGiOh 2nd Season (The reason I watched the abridged series in the first place, also for its nostalgia factor as I watched this show as a kid.)
* MiracleTrain
* GundamSeedDestiny (Even as a kid I strongly believe that this is a trainwreck compared to its predecessor in terms of its plot.)

!Planning to watch sometime soon:

* FullmetalAlchemistBrotherhood
* MawaruPenguinDrum
* LuckyStar
* {{Gundam00}}





[[folder:Video Games]]
* KingdomHearts
* FinalFantasy (Particularly III [DS Version] & X. Going to purchase IV (DS Version), VII, VIII, IX, Type-0, Versus XIII and Dissidia once I have sufficient funds.)
* {{Persona3}} & {{Persona4}}
* TheSims3
* LastScenario
* ExitFate
* MapleStory (It's an on-off situation)
* AceAttorney (Only played the first game. Playing the other games soon.)
* Many other social games on the Appstore, Facebook...go do the math.


[[folder:Web Original/Webcomics]]
* asdfmovie
* YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries
* {{Eddsworld}} & its affiliates (Usually on Youtube)
* Persona3FTW
* Persona4TW
* MahouShounenFight (Deserves more love and a page of its own)

[[folder:Western Animation]]

* AvatarTheLastAirbender
* MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic
* ThePowerpuffGirls (Liked it when I was a kid.)
* PhineasAndFerb
* SpongebobSquarepants (Pre-Movie / SeasonalRot)
* {{Daria}}



[[folder:Original Works in WIP Stages]]

* An as-of-yet untitled Magical Girl series. Filled with TarotMotifs and basically a {{Reconstruction}} of the Magical Girl genre. Pretty much a dramedy to put things short, though it has some NightmareFuel moments here and there. '''HIATUS'''
* (Tentative Name: [=DReality=]) A WIP, a VisualNovel and (Action) RPG hybrid set in a fictitious city in Japan. All I can tell you is that it has something to do with dreams.
* (Tentative Name: The Poem of Jordis) Also another WIP, an upcoming web novel in the making. More details can be found [[ here]].


[[folder: Tropes that describes me]]

AttentionDeficitOohShiny: I have an attention span of a squirrel. Don't expect me to stay in one place for too long.

TheKlutz: Apparently, 85% of the time I have the tendency (accident or not) to drop something at least once per day. For better or worse.
* For worse.

TrademarkFavoriteFood: The notable ones are authentic Japanese ramen and creamy pasta. Don't send me pictures of either one unless you want me to drool in front of you.
{{Vocaloid}}: Yes, I'm in the fandom. My favourite VOCALOIDs are usually songs sung either by Miku, Luka or GUMI. Not very fond with the rest, sad to say.


[[folder: Vandals Vandals Vandals VANDALS VANDALS!!!!!]]

Do whatever you want here. Go on, say something.

Tropers/NoirGrimoir: Eh? You have [[FriendlessBackground no friends here]]? That's really sad, I doubt that's true~! ♥

Including tap-dancing? Especially tap-dancing. - @/AmusedTroperGuy


[[folder: Random Musings]]

* I think that CLAMP has JumpedTheShark post-Tokyo arc in TRC.
* I love authentic Japanese ramen and Italian spaghetti. I don't like rice, unless it's baked.
* FinalFantasyVersusXIII, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU??? Goddamn more news this year (2012)!!!
* Went to HMV a couple of days ago. Surprisingly, they have Type-0 OST on the shelves and it costs SGD $72.90. Okay...that's expensive.
* Somehow I can never get enough sleep despite sleeping for 8 hours or more.
* No great writing workshops nearby...


[[folder: Where you can find me elsewhere]]

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[[ Tumblr]]