Is a teenager, [[SoOkayItsAverage ameteur]] writer, and [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption questionable]] artist. As such, not only can you find her here, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife having her life ruined]], but also on [[ deviantART]] and [[ Tumblr]]. Feel free to say hello.

Is also a massive [[{{Fangirl}} fangirl]] of many things, an internet ([[TheInternetIsForPorn no, not that kind of internet]]) adventurer, Badfic reader, and a DeadpanSnarker InsufferableGenius (who can't really talk, because of also being BrilliantButLazy. Incredibly lazy).

Open to constructive criticism on edits or...anything, really. I won't bite, as long as it's ''constructive'' criticism, and not just trolling.

!!Works you will find me [[EntryPimp entry pimping]]:
* YuGiOh5Ds, because [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome awesome]].
* YuGiOhZexal, because it's great and it NeedsMoreLove.
[[folder: Tropes that apply to me]]
* AfraidOfNeedles
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny
* AttentionWhore
* BadassBaritone
* BadassLongcoat
* BerserkButton
* {{Bookworm}}
* BrilliantButLazy
* ChaoticNeutral
* ChewingTheScenery
** LargeHam
* CloudCuckooLander
* ConversationalTroping
** TVTropesWillRuinYourLife
** SugarWiki/TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife
* CutenessProximity
* EmbarrassingNickname
* FantasticallyIndifferent
* ForgetsToEat
* [[FriendToAllLivingThings Friend To Most Living Things]]
* IThoughtEveryoneCouldDoThat
* ImprobableAge
* MathematiciansAnswer
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace
* NotAMorningPerson
* NotSoStoic
* PastimesProvePersonality
* PerpetualExpression
* RidiculousProcrastinator
* RuleAbidingRebel
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness
* {{Squee}}
* StrangeSalute
* SweetTooth
* YoungerThanTheyLook
!!Space for rent. Or pimping. Or whatever else comes to mind.