As the name implies, a totally awesome dude. Sadly trapped in the Hell-on-Earth that is Arizona, but is generally cheerful, regardless.

A self-proclaimed hero of love and justice with ambitions of video game design, he has a tendency towards corny, old-fashioned melodrama. Unironically. Is typically very passionate about pretty much everything, so he can come off as a little abrasive or overbearing at times. But, that same energy means he cares greatly about the people close to him. He's also unflinchingly loyal. A side effect of growing up with no friends is that he appreciates the friends he ''does'' have all the more.

Enjoys video games of all genres, books (mostly fantasy and sci-fi novels), music (mostly new wave, rock, ska, WeirdAl, J-pop, and J-rock, though he enjoys a lot of music from other genres), tabletop RPGs (he's got tons of books from all sorts of games) movies (of many genres), television (also of varied types), and, of course, the internet and its varied content. His tastes are somewhat eclectic, as you can see.

At 6'2" (approx. 188 cm), he's quite tall for such a nerdy guy. Had looked for lots of tropes to use in his profile, but didn't put too many in for fear of seeming overeager.
* BruiserWithASoftCenter: Not all that strong, but he's quite tall, and has a sensitive side, despite his occasional claims to the contrary.
* ChivalrousPervert: Is very polite and respectful much of the time, but he's still a total perv.
* CrazyAwesome: Aspires to this.
* TheEeyore: Tends to become this for a while whenever something particularly bad happens to him.
* FriendlessBackground
* HotBlooded: Tends to quickly hit extremes of emotion, forms opinions quickly, and makes snap judgments.
* IJustWantToBeLoved: One of his primary motivations, he's something of a romantic at heart, always searching for true love.
* {{Moe}}: A little bit, to his chagrin.
* MontyHaul: Has been improving, but often has trouble as a GM, because he doesn't like killing people off.
* RealMenWearPink: Wears pink quite often, without a second thought. How manly he is is up for debate.
* RenaissanceMan: Well-versed in most forms of media, with notable skills in math, writing, psychology, and other minor fields.
* ShippingGoggles: Even makes reference to his [[HomeStuck Shipping Wall.]]
* {{Wangst}}: Deliberately avoids it when he's in a good mood, even when he's talking about bad stuff from his past. Shamelessly indulges in it when he's sad, as seen above.