1. Likes lists. Obviously.

2. Christian, conservative.

3. English major. Ex-music major.

4. Minnesotan. From large family. Likes snow, ya sure, you betcha. And ketchup is spicy (though I love barbeque sauce).

5. JaneAusten, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien = win. Especially ''Film/{{Emma}}'', ''TillWeHaveFaces'', and ''TheSilmarillion''.

6. Conflicted comics fan. Enjoyed Joss Whedon's ''Astonishing X-men'', hate Frank Miller, Mark Millar, Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, and most of the "serious"/grimdark comic writers, adore Sean [=McKeever=] and Takeshi Miyazawa's ''{{Spider-man Loves Mary Jane}}'', think Bendis's ''Ultimate Spider-man'' was great before Ultimatum (especially during Bagley's run), miss the ''Star Wars: {{X Wing series}}'', occasional Greg Rucka fan (especially his WonderWoman and Helena Bertinelli {{Huntress}}), and big ''BirdsOfPrey'' fan (at least the first Simone run, especially Helena and Misfit). Hate One More Day/One Moment in Time and the DC New 52. Do like a couple of indie type things - ''Asterios Polyp'' by David Mazzucelli and ''Fun Home'' by Alison Bechdel (got it signed and told her a conservative Christian loved her book). Currently collecting Brian Q. Miller's Smallville, Dustin Nguyen's Li'l Gotham, and Brian Bendis's Takio.

7. Huge BBC classic drama fan - from AndrewDavies's Jane Austen and CharlesDickens adaptations (especially ''SenseAndSensibility'' 2008 and ''LitleDorrit''), and Sandy Welch (her ''Film/{{JaneEyre}}'' 2006 and ''Emma'' 2009 are excellent, though imperfect).

8. Because of personal history with fandom (etc), hates Harry Potter, but quite enjoys ''{{Twilight}}''. Don't make any claims of quality for either. Do quite like MarkKermode's thoughts on Twig-lit.

9. Love genre fiction, from military sci-fi (OrsonScottCard, RobertHeinlein, JohnScalzi, AaronAllston, TimothyZahn, ElizabethMoon) to mystery (SherlockHolmes - especially the JeremyBrett series and ''{{Elementary}}'', DorothySayers, P. D. James, early Laurie R. King), to fantasy - high, low, and of course urban (TamoraPierce, GillianBradshaw, RobinMcKinley, MaryRobinetteKowal, SeananMcGuire, [[TheQueensThief Megan Whalen Turner]], ShannonHale).

10. Animation snob. Is hoping Pixar comes out of their five-year slump with ''TheGoodDinosaur''. Adored ''{{Tangled}}'' and ''WreckItRalph'', and thinks ''Beauty and the Beast'' is the best animated movie ever. Have high hopes for ''{{Frozen}}'' Miyazaki/Ghibli is fantastic, with ''PrincessMononoke'' grabbing my heart after a few others failed to generate more than "pretty." ''TheIncredibles'' is the best superhero movie ever made. Period.