Hello I am British how are you you bat-faced freak

* CatchPhrase: Putting RepairDontRespond or "Natter is NOT Necessary" in editing summaries when I remove them. Some people need it drilled into their heads.
** I like to refer to bad, emotionless VAs (think Creator/SamRiegel or Creator/KiraBuckland) "sounding like they deepthroated a bottle of Valium."
* RepairDontRespond: Did you know it exists?
* RunningGag: I make jokes about Tsubaki Yayoi being inbred. That sort of thing tends to stick.
** Stuff about Bullet being sexy but ultimately worthless. I sometimes compare her to the likes of [[MassEffect Zaeed Massani]] or ComicBook/{{Deathstroke}} The Terminator.
** Using Colour Edit modes in fighting games to recolour ninjas all black and calling them Noob Saibot.
** Referring to all-black solid recolours as Noob Saibot.
** Tagging certain characters on tumblr with special tags. Like Barbara Gordon-{{Batgirl}}. I tag her stuff with "[[Comicbook/AllStarBatmanAndRobinTheBoyWonder THIS TAG BELONGS TO THE FUCKING BATGIRL]]." That line is as stupid and cheesy as every other in that comic.
* StraightEdge: More or less, mostly because I've never gotten around to drinking and I outright refuse to smoke.


* Fixing this place up. Also started:
** TowerOfHeaven
** EarnestEvans
** DragonBallZBudokai
** SuperGemFighter Mini Mix
** Comicbook/MalibuComicsMortalKombat
** VideoGame/JojosBizarreAdventureHeritageForTheFuture
** VideoGame/FistOfTheNorthStarTwinBlueStarsOfJudgment

What I like:
* Mugen, KOF, Fatal Fury, MortalKombat and am currently having fun playing through the MegaManX series.
** As of now have gave up on playing X6 due to it being absolutely positively rancid with idiotic level design, brainless Reploid placements and difficulty that is more about rolling dice and praying you hit double sevens. Doesn't help that the translation was done by a guy who speaks english as a tenth language. Bollocks to that pile of shit. Made me skip X7 to play the more well put-together X8 I swear to god.
* Imagining bizarre situations. For once, last night I imagined if [[TalesOfSymphoniaDawnofTheNewWorld Emil Castagnier]] got married to [[XMen Omega Red]], or if [[{{Naruto}} Sasori of the Red Sand]] became RoboCop, or if [[TheKingOfFighters Iori Yagami]] lead a fighting force that had [[StreetFighter Alex]], [[StarGladiator Hayato Kanzaki]], [[{{Touhou}} Hong Meiling]] and [[GuiltyGear Chipp Zanuff]] as part of the gang. Or if Hakumen joined ComicBook/TheAvengers.
* Being a defense attorney for unpopular people. I did it with Litchi Faye-Ling on the forums once. Like so:
-->'''[[{{Blackadder}} George]]''': Sir, you have heard all the evidence presented before you today, but in the end, it is up to the conscience of your hearts to decide. And I firmly believe that, like me, you will conclude that (insert TheScrappy here), is infact, totally and utterly guilty.
-->''Sits down, proud of himself. Scrappy turns over slip of paper. George stands up again.''
-->'''George''': ...of nothing more than trying to do his/her/its duty under difficult circumstances.
* CrackPairings. As of now I ship [[AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog Scratch]] and [[GurrenLagann Yoko Littner]] (thanks to some fanart I saw.
* Dumb MUGEN webseries. [[BattleKRoad Cyborg T8P countering everything,]] [[FatalFury Jin Chonrei always being disappointed]], [[JojosBizarreAdventure Noriaki Kakyoin always dying]] and now everyone or thing liking Yoshikage Kira. And watching dumb MUGEN web stories. HvHMugen for example.

What I don't like
* {{Tsundere}}s. too unlikeable.
* [[{{Tekken}} Lars Alexandersson]]. He reads like some 7 year old DeviantArt user's horrible fanfic character super specially linked to the Mishima family by being Heihachi's super duper second son who just so happens to have their powers, just so happens to get a cute robot girlfriend, just so happens to become the new protagonist and just so happens to be strong enough to take down guys like Kazuya, Jin and Azazel. I can't even believe he's actually official, too. Alisa's alright though since she has a nice rack.
* [[SoulCalibur Patroklos and Pyrrha Alexandra]]. Are you sure I'm not playing as [[ResidentEvilCodeVeronica Alfred Ashford]]'s ancestor? And he has the advantage of being creepy in a reimagining. Screw those two Wonder Twin wannabes. Also SC5 sucks for not having Talim. They don't even say "Oh she was killed by Nightmare[=/=]fell into a void thanks to Tira[=/=]called in sick that day[=/=]was at the hairdressers", she just stops existing. Cassandra got a fucking mention in one of the artbooks, was Talim not good enough?
* Block{{whores}}. They make fights tedious and boring. what should have been ball bustingly great scraps turn into me spamming specials just to kill the fucker with chip damage. Its what almost ruined XMenChildrenOfTheAtom.
* Insects. flies, bees and wasps especially. Can't stand the buzzing little fuckers. Which is why I still took less than a day to beat The "I'm covered in bees!" Pain.
* Anyone with selective dyslexia, especially kids on the DethroningMomentOfSuck who deliberately act like the "NO CONTESTING ENTRIES" rule is written in invisible Swahili by a German who translated it haphazardly from a lost dialect of Punjabi. Its black on white people for fucks sakes how do you miss that aside from your selective dyslexia where you deliberately become unable to read just to be able to use an excuse to break the rules. Do me a favour. Re-do primary school. Re-do Year Four. Pay attention in reading class. Get help, even.
* The bullshit they did with Black Mask and Joker in BatmanArkhamOrigins.

* Also, confession time: I think, thanks to me, the Mugen engine The Mugen Fighters Guild forum and [[WebAnimation/HvHMugen Void Quest Mugen]], the reputation of one Nyarlathotep has been pretty much fucked over. It down to a few things:
** There's a character for Mugen called "Nyal." Shes a nun with large breasts who wears a robe that exposes most of them. Her name can easily be taken to mean "Nyarlathotep."
** Her author has also drawn a hentai doujin of her involving consensual tentacle sex. Yep. And her latest update includes a very H-Game-tastic sound patch and a "Strip KO" feature complete with anime cut in showing her clothes ripping off.
** VQM featured Nyal as a villain. Her character design and voice make it hard to take her seriously. At one point the makers of VQM even left her Strip KO feature on. And they named her "Nyarlathotep"
** On Mugen guild its a bit of a fad now to strip her clothes down with various characters. Yup. attacks that can trigger a strip KO can include [[KnuckleBash Michael Sobut]] rocking out to ElvisPresley tunes, and [[StreetFighterAlpha Sakura's poke taunt]].
* With that I believe Nyarlathotep's reputation as a deadly cosmic horror has, to me, taken too huge a hit to heal. To me when I think of Nyarlathotep, I will always now think of "Big breasted anime nun whose clothes can rip easily, her breasts bounce a lot, she has a very anime voice and that one Mugen anime series. also the tentacle hentai doujin." Sure there's the [[NyarkoSan Nyaruko anime but still]].