{{Tropers/Metalbane}} has been a troper for some time, and makes the occasional edit. Nothing big and worth mentioning.

Currently an IT major at NJIT, but just scraping by due to laziness. Likes to play video games and write webcomics much more than studying. Also working on this cool idea I had for a fantasy series, but not sure whether its going to be a book, comic, or game yet...

!!Favorite tropes (In no particular order)
* EvilCounterpart
* {{Foil}}
* PowerTrio
* FourTemperamentEnsemble
* FourPhilosophyEnsemble
* FiveManBand
* FiveBadBand
* PsychoRangers

!!Favorite shows
* Anything by {{Joss Whedon}}
* {{Fullmetal Alchemist}}
* {{Cowboy Bebop}}

!!Favorite games
* {{Jak and Daxter}}
* {{Fallout}}
* {{The Elder Scrolls}}
* {{Team Fortress 2}}
* {{Civilization}}
* {{Saints Row}}
* {{Minecraft}}
* {{Mass Effect}}
* {{Dragon Age}}

!!Favorite movies
* {{The Matrix}}, the first one
* {{Star Wars}}, the first three
* {{Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas}}
* {{Inception}}
* {{The Dark Knight}}
* {{Silence Of The Lambs}}
* {{Shaun Of The Dead}}
* {{Hot Fuzz}}

!!Favorite Books
* The {{Felix Castor}} series

!!Favorite Webcomics
* {{Order Of The Stick}}
* {{XKCD}}
* {{Penny Arcade}}