I am a horror. Amongst horrors, must I dwell.



''GUNSOU-SAAAAAAAN'' - Tropers/{{Pirka}}

Your page has now been vandalised by Tropers/TomoeMichieru. Hiiii...

This is the third time that [[EnglishIvy I've]] vandalized your page, because you keep nuking the thing. (glares)

Go mellon. Kick that finals ass. ((Elmer36919))
* I think I did, my grades came out alright :)
** IReadThatAs: "Go mellon! Kick the final ass!" - {{Aryn}}

I hope you don't mind, but I indexed your page for you. - Tropers/{{Mapi}}
* Thankee.

I've found myself agreeing with melloncollie a few times, I'm not sure what to make of it, but I guess it's better than agreeing with Hitler - Tropers/{{Noimporta}}

* Thanks for the help with the {{Zatoichi}} page. Heaven knows it needed more stuff. -{{Ryumaru}}

Hey mellon-pellon! I just wanted to let you know that you are one of my favorite people on TV Tropes! - Tropers/{{Galeros}}

Listen all y'all it's sabotage! Don't stop being awesome! [waii] - Tropers/{{goodtimesfreegrog}}

That's what I get for slacking off on making new pages, I guess. :| - Tropers/EnglishIvy

-Infiltrates your page- Tuefel

Mellon, we still need to get married! I'm waiting for our honeymoon :3 --[[OuttaTheBLAM your future bride]]

Okay vandal, vandal... FOR GODS SAKE PEOPLE I LACK SUBTLETY!!! - Tropers/{{Brutal}}

Great batting average in the "makes sense" department - Tropers/{{Korgmeister}}

Itty bitty baby, itty bitty boat. - Tropers/WanderlustWarrior

O HAI - Tropers/{{Schitzo}}

Your avatars of puppies and stuff are ADORABLE and make me OMOCHIKAERI - Tropers/{{Solstace}}

"Stonewall Jackson, Sherman, and Grant in [[NeonGenesisEvangelion plugsuits]]! Oh fuck yeah." - [[{{Parable}} Leaving this here until you get a quote page.]]


Here's to you. - {{Tropers/Kraken}}

Nice to see that you've been so active at helping to [[strike:[[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife suck hapless victims into]]]] [[TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife provide an enhanced experience for visitors to this site]]. -@/{{The Ginkei}}

You have obtained my approval, not only because you exceed my age. --{{Tropers/Morgulion}}

[[AffablyEvil Polite vandalism]] from a [[FourTemperamentEnsemble melancholic]] troper. Don't forget to vandalize my page. Have a nice melancholic day. -- {{Tropers/Belfagor}}