'''Background''': Well, I an a strange mix: part French, part Danish, part Indian (East India, not America), part other tribes; and carry a passport from yet another EU country. So I am an oddity in more than one way, which a lot of people have pointed out over the years (frequently in less than pleasant ways). When I joined the contributors, I lived in Central Asia, where I worked for the EU, but now I am back in Europe (a more pleasant place), trying to learn French. My favorite city these days is Lucknow in India, where I found the greatest jewel of my life; I just wish I spoke Urdu, too.

'''Contributions''': A lot of minor ones. I have particularly enjoyed making more or less snarky comments on the works of JRRT (my favourite fantasy author) and Isaac Asimov, on languages (being a stickler for their proper use), and on Europe.