Not to be confused with Optimus Prime's nemesis from {{Transformers}} or the troper by the same name. {{This Troper}} instead received a g-mail invite that labeled her as "Meghatron, Destroyer of Worlds" and decided to keep it.

Tropes that describe Meghatron
*{{Meganekko}} minus some of the sweet. {{Blind Without Em}}, too.
*{{Christmas Cake}}
*{{Cake Eater}} boyfriend, and thank goodness for that!
*{{Geek}} for {{Dungeons and Dragons}} amongst other things.
*{{The Stoic}} until in friendly company, and sometimes even then.
*{{I Know Karate}}, though I've only whupped sparring partners in class.
*{{She Cleans Up Nicely}}, and willingly too.
*{{Kindhearted Cat Lover}}