--> ''I was good at English and history, but I wanted to design spaceships, damn it! ''
--> ~Alan Dean Foster

--> "Nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi forte insanit." ''("Almost nobody dances sober, unless he happens to be insane.")''

Straddling a fine line between artistic and scientific, Mantid is a socially oblivious follower of {{Looking For Group}} and the works of Alan Dean Foster. Takes gleeful pleasure in pointing out [[SpaceDoesNotWorkThatWay the grievous errors]] of science-fiction shows. [[SoBadItsGood And watches the shows anyway]].
Mantid reads prodigiously, not just science fiction and fantasy, but all genres. She particularly likes books aimed at teens and older children because they don't generally offend her old-fashioned sensibilities. She refuses to read any bestseller until it is ten years old, in a [[SelectiveObliviousness willful pursuit]] of [[CloudCuckooLander social obliviousness]].