I, macroscopic, also known as [=STFU=][[note]]'''S'''exy, '''T'''all, '''F'''unny and '''U'''nappreciated.[[/note]], as I've been inexplicably nicknamed all over the web, am a twenty-one year-old troper from Virginia, Earth. My favorite color is red the color of firetrucks, [[{{Transformers}} Optimus Prime]], and, in [[TransformersRobotsInDisguise one special case]], both. There are no known photos of me but rest assured, I am attractive.

My handle comes from my tendency to have brief love affairs with words. The week I chose it I was liking the word 'macroscopic,' which describes things that can be seen with the naked eye. It appeals to me that there's a scientific term for the mundane version of microscopic. I was not aware of [[UnfortunateImplications macrophilia]] until the next day. I intentionally spell it with no caps.

'''I take criticism nicely so if you see me do something stupid ''tell me''.'''

This doesn't mean I'm a doormat but I don't come here to get into fights so let's all get along and have fun kthx.
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I'm greatly flattered and extremely appreciate you using one of my quotes. Thank you. - {{Krrackknut}}.

You have a good eye for science! Let me deface your page. -{{Takwin}}.