A troper from Bègles. A small town near Bordeaux. [[WhereTheHellIsSpringfield In the south-west of France.]] [[GlobalIgnorance In Western Europe.]]

I am basically an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent who is very fond of languages [[ConLang and even created one]] (or tried to). I can speak English more or less fluently and am getting pretty decent in Japanese. I am rather [[ShrinkingViolet shy]] and not very talkative in Real Life but that's not too much of a problem. Politically rather on the radical left (though not a [[DirtyCommunists communist]]).

Where does that weird pseudonym come from you ask? Well, I happen to be writing a FanFiction based (initally…) on Dragon Ball's verse called [[GratuitousJapanese Kuroki]], [[NoExportForYou available only in French]], in which the ConLang I tried to create was born. [[DefrostingIceQueen One]] [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking of]] [[GrayEyes the]] [[CursedWithAwesome female]] [[BlessedWithSuck characters]] is named Lyendith, and although I'm male, I liked the name so much that I kept it as a pseudo. Yeah that sounds pretty stupid, but meh.

Physically, I'm [[NoodlePeople 1m87 tall for little more than 60kg]]. Brown hair and rather bright, green eyes. Nothing special.

Musical tastes: a bit of everything but especially French Rap and the "Rock & Rap" experiences like [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCp2i7IDcuM Casey vs. Zone Libre]].

I like video games, mostly platform and action ones, my favorite being {{Okami}} and {{Bayonetta}}. I like challenging games and am currently trying to be [[IWannaBeTheGuy The Guy]]. I'm fine, thank you.

I use the [[http://bepo.fr/wiki/Accueil BÉPO keyboard layout]], a French equivalent of the Dvorak keyboard.

Contributor for [[ImpossibleTask the French translation of TVTropes]]. I created the page for ''Manga/{{Dreamland}}'' (the manga) and launched the following tropes:
* AcclaimedFlop
* BoisterousWeakling
* CryLaughing
* HealthcareMotivation
* IdenticalPanelGag
* ImmoralRealityShow
* LiterallyFallingInLove
* MooksButNoBosses
* MookDebutCutscene
* MotherlySidePlait
* NoOneElseIsThatDumb
* ObliviousMockery
* OddlyShapedSword
* PenPushingPresident
* RazorSharpHand
* SkyscraperCity
* SuddenHumility