Lumennex is a sixteen-year-old girl living in New Jersey.
!!Anything You'd Need To Know about her.

[[folder: Tropes she Follows]]

* {{Actual Pacifist}}
* {{Badass Crew}} has had one since the age of eleven. And it keeps growing!
* {{Badass Longcoat}} Owns serveral.
* {{Berserk Button}} if you happen to know her in real life, you shouldn't mess with her friends. If you see that she's about to cry DON'T keep messing with her. These are the only two things that can [[TheWoobie lead]] [[BreaktheCutie her]] [[CharacterDerailment to]] [[TechnicalPacifist dealing]] [[HilarityEnsues out]] [[BigBallOfViolence ouchies.]]
* {{Brainy Brunette}} is known as this in the real world.
* {{Brilliant But Lazy}} commonly viewed as this by people at first, until they realize she may [[TheChessmaster just be doing more than they think...]]
* {{CloudCuckooLander}} displays these characteristics often, purposefully.
* {{Creepy Child}} is, in fact, [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel found creepy]] by a good portion of her peers. She, and her friends, love this.
-->'''Non-Troper Friend''' : I don't get why no one ever messed with us. I mean, we're the [[PopularityFoodChain stereotypical high school freaks.]]
-->'''Lumennex''' : May have something to do with the fact that I can tell anyone that tries to mess with us I will [[NoodleIncident eat]] [[Main.FamilyUnfriendlyViolence their]] [[Main.ImAHumanitarian eyelids]] with a [[SeriousBusiness straight]] [[DeadpanSnarker face]]. Or something.
-->'''Non-Troper Friend''' : Oh yeah! [[NoodleIncident I remember that...]]

* {{Curtains Match the Window}} [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer depending]] on what color her eyes [[FlatWhat decided]] [[BigWhat to be]] this is either averted or played straight
* {{Expository Hairstyle Change}} after personal events around twelve, [[ImportantHaircut she had one of these]], turning her shoulder-length hair into a pixie cut. Is currently having another one of these, going for some [[GodivaHair godiva-level]] [[BadassLonghair long hair.]]
* {{Emotional Maturity Is Physical Maturity}} had the {{Most Common Super Power}} and {{Hartman Hips}} at around ten, and was already about five foot four. Around this time, the coolest movie she'd ever seen was the animated version of {{A Scanner Darkly}}. However this is contributed to the fact that she started puberty [[YoungerThanTheyLook sickeningly early]] and [[Main.CasaLaneParenting hands off parenting]].
* {{Fountain Of Memes}} At least among her friends, and in her town. In her high school, even if one does not know her, they know ''of'' her. [[LargeHam HAM.]]
* {{Genki Girl}} comes off as this at times.
* {{Hands Off Parenting}} is, and was, subjected to some strange form of this. Has become alright, if not self-sufficient. Bonus points, mother has an art degree but isn't an artist.
* {{Hartman Hips}} has these and makes buying jeans a long process.
* {{Ham And Cheese}}
* {{Kaleidoscope Eyes}} have been known to ''cycle through different colors'' gradually for... entire course of life. The fact that they commonly go from [[EyesOfGold gold]] to [[BlackEyes black]] every few months has led [[FanDumb Twilight fans]] to continually ask if she is a vampire. SHE'S. NOT.
** BlackEyes
** BrownEyes
** EyesOfGold
* {{Killer Rabbit}}
* {{Large Ham}} A [[LittleMissSnarker snarky]] [[GenkiGirl hyper]] [[ObfuscatingInsanity crazy]] chick. It has been pointed out more than once she pretty much talks with her hands, and her flippin' ''voice'' changes every other word.
* {{Little Miss Snarker}} surprises people when she pulls this because she also acts [[TastesLikeDiabetes almost always perpetually happy and upbeat]]
* {{Living Emotional Crutch}} for several of her friends. Understandable, since most of her friends were former [[LonersAreFreaks loners]] or [[ShrinkingViolet very quiet and shy]]. Lumennex has a habit of going to the the loneliest or saddest person in the room, forcing them into conversation and then {{The Power Of Friendship}} seems to do the rest. Luckily, this state of Emotional-cruchy-tude seems to cure it self after they have met the rest of [[IGotBetter the gang.]] For [[ItGotWorse others...]]
* {{Most Common Super Power}} to her dismay. It's been that way for a while, though. When she started high school it angered one of her now-starting college friends, very, very much.
* {{Mistaken Age}} Quite often. Excruciatingly often. Record holder is 34, when a 36-year-old woman at a doctor's office had a conversation with her, mostly talking about her kindergarten age son and asked if Lumennex had any children. Most common guesses are within 17 to 22, though.
* {{Noodle Incident}} SO. MANY...
* {{No Rest For The Wicked}} Isn't insomnia FUUUUNNNNN? Well, actually, yes. Lumennex has been an insomniac since maybe the first grade, and has yet to experience any of the disadvantages normally associated with it. Even when she normally gets three hours of sleep a day, she can still manage to be [[GenkiGirl implausibly hyper.]]
* {{Obfuscating Insanity}}
* {{Obfuscating Stupidity}}
* {{Pale Skinned Brunette}}
* {{Played For Laughs}} Her entire life. IT'S COOL THOUGH.
* {{Self Deprecation}} Not enough that any of her friends point it out more than once in a blue moon, but shows some definite tendencies to pull many a "{{Take That}}, Me!"
* {{Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness}} Indubitably.
* {{Stepford Smiler}} Many real life friends believe her to be [[spoiler: Type C]].
* {{Strange Girl}}
* {{Tastes Like Diabetes}} most of her guy friends, and a good portion of the female ones, think she embodies this.
* {{Yangire}} Arguably. [[YourMileageMayVary YMMV]]...
* {{Younger Than They Look}} SHE'S FIFTEEN. At least she's never been carded when cashing scratch-offs, though...

[[folder:Fan of]]
* [[TheDailyShow The Daily Show with Jon Stewart]]
* {{Doctor Who}}
* {{Donnie Darko}}
* {{The Doors}}
* {{Ellen Hopkins}}
* {{Emmy Rossum}}
* {{Evanescence}}
* {{Hetalia}}
* {{Identical}}
* {{Impulse}}
* {{Metallica}}
* {{Nabari No Ou}}
* {{Nine Inch Nails}}
* {{Nirvana}}
* {{Scrubs}}
* {{Saiyuki}}
* {{Tricks}}
* {{The Who}}


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* {{Ellen Hopkins}}
* {{Impulse}}
* [[SLCPunk SLC Punk!]]

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