->''"Se non vero, ben trovato."''\\
-- '''Italian Proverb''' ''translating to 'if it's a lie, at least it's a good story'''

24 year old gal living in the Valley of the Sun.

Child of [[TheNineties 90s]]. Prior to [[TurnOfTheMillennium the new millennium]] I was [[MouthyKid mouthy]], primarily [[GamerChick focused on my Nintendo 64]], and [[{{Bookworm}} generally bookwormish.]]. By the time I began high school, I had [[GirlinessUpgrade grown to be more feminine,]] but not by much.

Went to college in 09. At the bachelor's level I majored in [[ForGreatJustice criminal justice]], with minors in [[ForHappiness social work]], and [[DysfunctionalFamily family]] [[ThickerThanWater studies]]. I [[RealityIsUnrealistic finished my master's program]] in [[BeneathTheMask human relations]] at 22-years-old last May and hope to continue spending my life helping those [[ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules in greatest need.]] Professionally, I work with victims of [[UsefulNotes/{{Abuse}} domestic violence]] and [[WrongSideoftheTracks homeless families]] on working towards sustainable housing so they can overcome the cycle of poverty.

[[folder: Guilty Pleasures]]
* {{Modern Family}}
* {{Lost}}
* {{The Good Wife}}
* {{Arrested Development}}
* {{The Mindy Project}}
* {{Law and Order SVU}}
* {{Scrubs}}
* {{Dance Moms}}
* {{Suits}}
* {{Desperate Housewives}}
* {{Greek}}
* {{Damages}}
* {{Teen Wolf}}
* {{Digimon}}
* {{Degrassi}}
* {{Charmed}}
* [[TrueCrime Forensic Files]]
* {{Reign}}
* {{Scandal}}
* {{The Simpsons}}
* {{South Park}}
* {{How to Get Away with Murder}}

[[folder: Not a huge fan of:]]
* {{Twilight}}
* {{The Office}}
* {{Code Geass}}
* {{Glee}}
* {{American Idol}}
* {{Family Guy}}.

!!I embody these tropes variably:

* TheConscience // CutenessProximity // DeadpanSnarker // ElephantsChild // EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs // FriendToAllLivingThings // FriendToAllChildren // GenreSavvy // GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals //InferioritySuperiorityComplex // NeutralGood // NotSoStoic //NoSenseOfDirection // SoapboxSadie // SugarAndIcePersonality // TeamMom // TheNicknamer // TheReliableOne
* On a bad day: ClassRepresentative // ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch // TheDragAlong

And encompass these as well--
* AllAPartOfTheJob / BeleagueredBureaucrat - A bit of both.
* ApologisesALot
* AfraidOfNeedles & AfraidOfBlood
* YouFailGeographyForever
* BerserkButton - "Welfare Queen," victim-blaming, etc.
* BlindWithoutEm
* DoesNotLikeShoes - I only wear them when I absolutely must.
* TheEnneagram / MyersBriggs - Type One "the reformer" and INTJ, respectively.
* GoodIsNotNice - I'm self-centered and sarcastic, but work in social services and am usually pretty efficient.
* ImprobableAge - In third grade, [[EducationMama my father]] wanted me to skip a grade. Luckily, I talked him out of it, but I graduated college at 20 and my masters at 22.
* {{Malaproper}} - To say I'm horrible with idioms would be an understatement.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood - Vegetable biryani, vegan lasagna, quesadillas, grilled cheeese.
* {{Trigger}} - Graphic depictions of violence and suicide