Troper (formerly) found editing the ''{{Wakfu}}'' article. Also [[PotHole potholing]] articles, assigning page types, fixing formatting and whatever else I come across or catches my eye.


I joined on September 12th 2010, but was a long-time lurker and anonymous editor (at the 87.122.X.X IP range) before that.

* I am male.
* I hail from {{Germany}}, [[TheSixteenLandsOfDeutschland Schleswig-Holstein]] to be exact.
* I [[CaptainObvious speak and write English and German fluently]], but also possess medium knowledge of [[AltumVidetur Latin]].
* I am quite [[TheCynic cynical]].
* I despise religion, thus it would be more appropiate to label me as an Antitheist than an [[{{Atheism}} Atheist]].
* I am an avid [[RidiculousProcrastinator procrastinator]].
* I am reserved regarding the [[TheStoic display of emotion]].
* I despise people who are calling themselves BrilliantButLazy.
* I enjoy discussions and [[DevilsAdvocate discussing just for the sake of it]].
* I do not use "lol", "rofl" or any emoticons, except on the rare occasion of using it sarcastically.
* I only ever received one thump for posting an image link of a dildo (for my defense, it was in Yack Fest, labeled as NSFW and for humorous purposes).
* I have fun poking at the loopholes of this site's coding.

...or whatever else you may think of me.