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* remembers more pop trivia than family names and birthdays
* comic book, tv and movie nerd. [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife who found this site...]]
* blames this site for getting him addicted to too many manga and anime series he didn't know about
* has already absorbed and added content to entirely too many pages of aforementioned manga and anime for comfort
* launched:
** LostInTransmission
** IWillDefinitelyProtectYou
* created:
** ComeSeeMeTonight
** DanielKeysMoran
** {{Daemon}}
** GlassNoMegami
** HenryRollins
** {{Mimia-hime}}
** MyLovelyGhostKana
** PrivateNurse
** TanakaYutaka
** {{Yamatogawa}}
** Yuria100Shiki
** [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and, uh]] ... MarthaSpeaks (of which he is strangely proud to have seen really taken up and filled out by other tropers)
* knows more about translated {{eroge}} and {{hentai}} than he is willing to admit
* [[ThirdPersonPerson speaks of himself in the third-person]]
* has the ultimate goal of creating an AllBlueEntry page for himself
* thinks MyBalls is the best discovery he's made through this site
* is the only person he knows who has even heard of Yuria100Shiki which is why he keeps telling people it's BetterThanItSounds, because it is
* Is fairly confident that nobody else will ever bother to read this page so uses it for a personal reference/indexing system

* AiYoriAoshi
* BitterVirgin
* BlackLagoon
* [[BludgeoningAngelDokuroChan Bokusatsu Tenchi Dokuru-chan]]
* {{Chobits}}
* ElfenLied
* GlassNoMegami
* [[{{ptitlekyguh9tt9sws}} I"s]]
* [[{{ptitlehk0aix10}} Ichigo 100%]]
* {{Inumimi}}
* KashimashiGirlMeetsGirl
* KissXSis
* KoiKaze
* {{Mahoraba}}
* MiraiNikki
* MyBalls
* OmamoriHimari
* RosarioToVampire
* Everything by TanakaYutaka
* UmiNoMisaki
* {{Umisho}}
* VideoGirlAi
* {{Yotsubato}}
* Yuria100Shiki

(there seems to be an trend towards UnwantedHarem comedies, TearJerker love stories and romantic UnwantedHarem stories here...)

Has come to realize that TanakaYutaka is his favorite mangaka, and my favorite story from him is MyLovelyGhostKana - one of the most beautiful and moving love stories ''ever'' written in ''any'' medium. I am on a crusade to make every single manga fan read it, [[NeedsMoreLove because you should]]. I want the opportunity to meet Tanaka-san to say only, "thank you for writing this story."

[[PerverseSexualLust has serious issues]] regarding [[RosarioToVampire Kurumu]] (''really'' serious...)

'''This is where other tropers post their hi's and hello's.'''

@/{{Nitramy}} here. Love your work on MyLovelyGhostKana. Hope you don't mind me adapting your description of that series to {{Ai-Ren}}.

'''l''': thank you! And of course crib anything you want. {{Ai-Ren}} is another wonderful story from Tanaka-san.