[[{{CatchPhrase}} Let me tell you a story.]]

I am an author in the making. I enjoy cartooning and animation as well, although I am not good at either.

I have a [[http://latiaiam.deviantart.com/ DeviantART account]], a [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2424448/Latia Fanfiction.net account]], [[http://latia-i-am.livejournal.com/ a LiveJournal]] and a [[http://www.fictionpress.com/u/705505/Latia_I_Am FictionPress]]. You might enjoy them.

[[{{CaptainObvious}} I'm very bad at describing things.]]

* You'd be surprised --@/LuckyRevenant
* Hello! -@/{{Kinkajou}}
* Here's to a fellow writer. - @/{{Krrackknut}}.
* You've a great grasp on creating horror. We salute you.- @/{{Morgulion}}
* ParanoiaAgent for the win! - @/{{Takwin}}
* Keep up the good work on the ChuckPalahniuk pages! @/IggyKoopa
* A Palahniuk fan and a fellow writer! Greetings! ~ {{Tropers/Schitzo}}
** PS, which avatar made you BSOD?
*** The one with the FamilyCircus mom sucking out Jeffy's face. Even more so because I once drew over a picture of a mom and her baby to make it look eerily similar to that.
* You Filthy Girl - {{Tropers/Truteal}}
** Speak for yourself, darling. I know who made all those entries on the FetishFuel page~
** Just because someone puts stuff in a FetishFuel page doesn't mean there turned on by said thing.
* I haven't been here yet, have I? Excellent. If I show up looking for me, I was never here, okay? - @/{{Noaqiyeum}}
* You like ImogenHeap too? Yay! @/{{Longfellow}}
* SUPERMAN AWAY!! @/{{CabbageSama}}
* Another ParanoiaAgent fan! Yay! :D @/{{snailbait}}


''Take a rest~ Take a rest~ Take a rest..."