twenty-one year old nerd and HotTeacher in training.

Tropes present in my life:
* FriendToAllLivingThings I like animals, animals like me, 'nuff said. I have a special conection with dogs, to the point where I once had an on-duty police dog eating out of the palm of my hand. I was five, I didn't know any better.
* EyesOfGold I have been told my eyes look like this in certain lights, most of the time they're just light brown
* SdrawkcabName My real name is Meg
* NeutralGood with a slight tendancy towards ChaoticGood
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny oh so very much
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} but then again almost everyone in my school is one
* StealthHiBye I'm really good at the hi part, but I don't stick around to see if I'm good at the bye part
* FailedASpotCheck story of my life. It runs in the family
Wild Mass Guessing about my life
* I'm either a time lord or Haruhi Suzumiya
** neither of those are true, but they had to be done
* My high school is really a recruitment pool for the GreenLanternCorps or [[TheChosenMany another similar super hero organization]].
** Our school rings are a big deal, much bigger than any other school in the area, they're also almost identical, we could chose gold or white gold, but that was about it from a customization point. It makes sense if they're the source of our powers.
** my school is about the closest thing to an ExtranormalInstitute in real life. Used to be a big fancy mansion? Check. Haunted? Check. Anyone normal would mistake it for an insaine asylum? Probably check, see {{Cloudcuckoolander}} above.