Venezuelan troper who gots a handle and lost the password. ''Oh Noes!''

{{Meganekko}}, {{Otaku}}, [[TypeMoon type-loonatic]], [[HarryPotter Potterfan]], [[{{Earthbound}} Earthbound-fan]], and fan of very shiny and unrelated things. Also, a fan of fans, and a fan of FandomWank. Not as "friki" (the spanish term for "fan of weird things like anime, cartoons, comics, roleplaying, videogames and such") as she would be like. [[FanGirl The world should be grateful.]]

Launched a few Series:

* AgentAika
* CandyCandy
* ElChavoDelOcho
* DiGiCharat
* DonQuixote
* {{Gantz}}
* HanaKimi
* {{Pita-Ten}}
* {{Monster}}
* TheNanny
* OneHundredYearsOfSolitude (she did!)
* SkipBeat
* SlamDunk
* VictorianRomanceEmma
* WeissKreuz
* YamiNoMatsuei
* YoSoyBettyLaFea

However, she has also launched a trope or two:

* SwitchedAtBirth
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife
* UsefulNotes/{{Venezuela}}

She has added her particular "flavor" to many entries usually adding the "latin" side. However, since she is not a native English Speaker and hasn't had enough practice, she could commits many grammatical errors and can be guilty of weird writing. She apologizes a lot to the other contributors who have to fix her... mistakes, to put it midly.

For more information, search for Lequinni in the Spanish-speaking side of the fandom.