If by knave you mean a generally well-intentioned, kind young man, then... yes! That describes me quite accurately.

I have also been accused of occasional lapses of modesty. ''Perhaps''.

My name is [[WhatAreTheContributorsRealNames Andrew]]. I have a boring job and a boring life in a boring [[WhereAreYouFrom place]]. I am a HarryPotter fanatic, most recently obsessing over and attending several wizard rock shows. I am an Anglophile. (The preceding two statements are unrelated. Mostly.) I have an unhealthy need to use parenthetical statements, both when typing online and when speaking in real life, with my attempts at clarification themselves becoming explanations far more entangled than what I'd started out with

I'm pedantic, but not infallibly so.

I tend to fall hard for TheWoobie. In almost any media. Especially if he's named [[LordoftheRings Sam]]. Alternatively, TallDarkAndSnarky.

I never know how to end autobiographical snippets.