A new addition to the TV Tropes madness, seeing as I've passed a lot of time reading the fun stuff everyone adds here. 'Kiyo' is a moniker I'd have close friends call me...so it'd be awesome to consider the Troper Community a bunch of close friends!

Born in Chicago, IL. and raised in San Diego, CA. My contribution so far was the start of the ''VideoGame/RagnarokOdyssey'' Page. I hope to do a lot more!

This guy likes:
* Anime and Manga
* Video Games (Usually in the Action RPG, RPG, and Fighting departments)
* Horror Movies
* Music of all kinds--a major sell is in Jazz and Classical
* Writing and Drawing. A lot of the stuff created is Manga-inspired, but with media growing everyday, it's hard to come up with an original idea.
* Thinking. My mind's my happy place!
* Traveling. I've been to a lot of different places around the world, for the sake of gaining enough experience to be an influential teacher.

!!The Tropes engraved are as listed:

* AngryBlackMan: Most times, he comes off as [[ScaryBlackMan wary]], but usually has good intentions and a good heart. When the hood comes up and total silence is requested...''watch out''.
* TheBigGuy: In most crowds and around friends, this is usually invoked depending on the location. Often leads to being [[TokenMinority the exceptional guy]] of the group, and bringing out [[HilarityEnsues awesome results]].
** GentleGiant
* BlackAndNerdy: Plays ''Magic: The Gathering'', ''Yu-Gi-Oh!'', and dumps a lot of time into watching Anime series...and proved that having an interest in Japanese culture with four years of Japanese language does help!
* CatchPhrase: 'I make no promises,' before something happens. If the result is ill or questionable, prepare for [[{{WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged}} 'I'm not apologizing.']]
* GentlemanAndAScholar: Though there are some socially awkward tendacies that come up, the first impression is usually made through this. Looks like {{Music/Chris Brown}} with a demeanor like [[{{Series/The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air}} Geoffrey]]? That's the aim.
* HonorBeforeReason: A breather of this trope by most means, but isn't above doing things easier. [[{{HumansAreFlawed}} After all...]]