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{{Tropers/Kitchingham}} is the TVTropes handle of a person residing in North-Eastern Europe ([[{{Fable}} check the guild for more que-]] ...err, check the {{Where Are You From}} page for the country in question). [[ThisTroper Said person]] has performed a few minor edits anonymously on a few articles (mainly grammatics and other minor corrections). Said person also wrote his (yes, another male) contributor page in third person ([[SelfDeprecation the weird bastard]]).

[[RunningGag Said person]] also uses [[ Twitter]].

Interests include:
* reading TVTropes
* perusing the Internet in general
* playing videogames
* watching television
* watching movies

[[OverlyLongGag Said person]] is roughly 190cm tall (that's a bit less than 6' 3" for those who use the ''other'' measuring system and can't be arsed to convert the data themselves), slightly overweight, and at the moment does not require glasses to see properly (but considers wearing them in order to [[RuleOfCool look cool]]).

List of tropes that may or may not describe said person:
* NightmareFetishist
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} (at times)
* EvilLaugh
* ManOfAThousandVoices
* NeutralGood (mostly)
* ChaoticStupid (sometimes, 'though a friend used the term "Chaotic Random", which may or may not be slightly different)
* TheStoic (generally looks like one, especially when out in the world with no friends or such in immediate vicinity)
* (may add more as descriptive enough Tropes are (re)discovered)